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We add maximum value by focusing on building on your existing digital learning and enabling your internal L&D team to achieve more.


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Bespoke elearning

Hire our expert team to create your eLearning courses for you

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Training courses

Learn to quickly and effectively build your own eLearning courses

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Video learning

Engage your audience with with dynamic, bite-size animations

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LMS for less

Sign up for our affordable learning management system

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Share your content globally with help from our expert eLearning translators

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By 2020, nearly all employers will have implemented online learning to meet employees’ continuing education needs and desire for eLearning. As the use of mobile devices increases, so will the demand for mobile learning in corporate training, as well as general online learning.
— Biz Trends

On-demand design & development for eLearning 

BUILD engaging eLearning courses perfectly in tune with your brand

Augment your internal eLearning capabilities with our expertise to get more done in less time.


Become a digital learning master

Get the skills you need to build better eLearning faster

In this intensive, one-day Modern Instructional Design Workshop, we use your real-life work as an example to walk you through the fundamentals of eLearning design.


A video is worth 10,000 words

Give your people what they want… VIDEO LEARNING

The modern learner expects to learn in the office the same way they do when they are out of the office, by watching short how-to videos!


Fully featured LMS that won’t bust your budget

Scalable, customisable, and still so affordable

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice functionality just because your audience is smaller or your needs more short term.


Speak your learners’ language

Localise your modules for a personalised eLearning experience

Translating the text is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to eLearning localisation.